Study: Nitrate varies widely between leading beet supplements

Indiana researcher shows only Beet It Sport Shot meets IOC target for optimal nitrate dose

  • Beet It Sport Shot 400mg/serving 100% 100%
  • Superbeets: 64mg/serving 16% 16%
  • Endurance Beets: 67mg/serving 16.75% 16.75%
  • Beet Boost: 110mg/serving 27.5% 27.5%
  • Beet Elite: 134mg/serving 33.5% 33.5%
  • Red Rush: 148mg/serving 37% 37%
  • Red Ace: 171mg/serving 42.75% 42.75%
  • Beet Power: 63mg/serving 15.75% 15.75%
  • Beet Performer: 187mg/serving 46.75% 46.75%
  • Unbeatable Fizz: 218mg/serving 54.5% 54.5%

A sweeping review of beet supplements is first to compare nitrate content—the crucial component in enhancing endurance and sprint performance 

A pioneering new Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis study illustrates the sharp differences in the nitrate content of two dozen leading beet juice powders, juices and concentrates. According to Andrew Coggan, study author, “there’s been a great deal of interest in beets because they’re rich sources of nitrate. But the hidden fact that we are coming to appreciate is that actual nitrate content between products varies significantly.” Coggan adds: “The results are significant because once nitrate content falls below a certain threshold, performance benefits disappear.”

“Athletes, and their trainers and coaches until now have had to rely upon manufacturer claims to determine whether a specific supplement contains sufficient nitrate to impact performance,” Coggan continues. “We believe study results will be highly useful to athletes in guiding selection of beet juice supplements that contain sufficient amounts of nitrate.”

Beet It Sport  gets further boost from IOC Consensus Statement

Dietary nitrate supplementation has been associated with improvements of 4-25% in exercise time to exhaustion and of 1%-3% in sport-specific time trial performances lasting <40min in duration’ 

  • 2018 IOC Consensus Statement
What's in your beet juice? Click here for the full story about the real story of nitrate and beet supplments

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Nitrate: The key to beet power. Beets have the potential to boost endurance and help manage hypertension. But a beet supplement only qualifies as a ‘superfood’ if it contains a minimum of 400mg of dietary nitrate. Nitrates catalyze the creation of nitric oxide, which is key to regulating blood pressure, enhancing blood flow and boosting stamina. Learn more about Beet It Sport Shots and Bars here.

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When it comes to beet supplements and performance improvement, it all comes down to nitrate dose per serving. As you can see from our Nitrate Comparison chart, when it comes to nitrate, Beet It Sport Shots stands alone. Our all-natural production process means we can standardize the amount of nitrate in each Shot and each Bar.

Dr. Andrew Jones, Professor of Applied Physiology at the University of Exeter and “father of the beet revolution,” on the value of concentrated beet shots.

  • Beet It Sport Shot: 400ml Nitrate 100% 100%
  • Beet Performer: 300ml Nitrate 75% 75%
  • Beet Elite Crystals: 275ml Nitrate 69% 69%
  • Red Ace Beet & Greens: 130ml Nitrate 33% 33%
  • Red Ace Beet: 125ml Nitrate 31% 31%
  • Red Ace Beet & Tumeric: 120ml Nitrate 30% 30%
  • Bioglan Beetroot Powder: 60ml Nitrate 15% 15%
  • Bio-Synergy Power Beet Pills: 5ml Nitrate .01% .01%

Comparison of dietary nitrate dose per serving of the leading US beet and beet juice supplements. 

Just Beet It: The only brand that delivers 400mg of natrual nitrate per Shot — the ideal amount necessary for sport performance improvement. It’s why our shots are the standard among researchers, used in over 200 studies worldwide.

Nitrate: The key to beet power.
Beets are making fitness headlines thanks to their ability to boost endurance and help manage hypertension. But a beet juice or concentrate only qualifies as a superfood if it contains a minimum of 400mg of dietary nitrates.

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Stamina & endurance

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Reference study Using beetroot juice to enhance sport performance (University of Exeter, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Power & strength

Increases muscle power

Improves sprint performance

Enhances reaction time

Reference study
Effects of nitrate on sprint performance.

Lowered Blood Pressure

Improves blood flow & vascular health

Increased blood flow

Reduces elevated cholesterol

Reference study
Daily beetroot juice lowers blood pressure


Beet It beet juice: The daily drink for maintaining blood pressure, brain function and more.



Beet It beet juice: The daily drink for maintaining blood pressure, brain function and more.


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  • Boosts cognitive function
  • Helps maintain liver, heart and kidney health
  • Protects against oxidative stress

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