Cyclist & Sports Nutritionist: Nicole Rubenstein

Beet It Sport is the most reliable beet supplement on the market. When I drink a shot 2-3 hours before a morning of downhill riding, Inotice my endurance improves quite a bit and I can ride longer without fatiguing as fast.


Beet It Sport Ambassador Joel MaHarry

Would you describe yourself as an athlete?

Absolutely. I consider an athlete to be a person that regularly participates in sport. In addition, it’s someone that has a strong drive to compete or improve their skill set. I currently consider myself to be a cycling athlete. I commute on bike to and from work (18 miles/day) and most days will do yoga or strength training mid-day. Weekends consist of longer duration exercise, whether it be downhill mountain biking, cross country biking, or snowboarding.

Have you always been an athlete?

Yes. I was on skis by the age of 3, switched to snowboarding around age 11, and started competing around age 13. I attended Stratton Mountain School, a winter sports academy in Stratton, Vermont. Attending SMS was life changing. We trained hard, studied hard and played hard. My days often consisted of 5 hours of exercise per day and attending school on top of that. Here I learned not only how to be an athlete, but also learned discipline, determination and independence.

Do you participate in many races?

Not any more. I raced snowboards most of my childhood. Then in my 30s I craved racing again so I invested in all new gear and training and raced for a season. I got my fix and now I just snowboard recreationally for fun. I’ve contemplated doing some bike races and may register for a few this summer. 

What motivates you to train and compete harder?

 Even though I don’t race anymore, I still have a competitive spirit. I am always striving to be stronger and improve my endurance. I’m pretty small, 5’2” and 113 pounds, so a big motivator is trying to keep up with all of the guys I ride with!

Any tips on nutrition that you try and follow?

I traded snowboard racing to pursue my studies in nutrition. I’m a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. I own a sports nutrition consulting company called Racer’s Edge Nutrition, so now I work with athletes and teach them how to fuel properly. I’m proud of the fact that I practice what I preach, 90% of the time! While there are 100s of nutrition strategies that I follow and could share with you, I’ll pick just one easy one to talk about. The plate method. On a typical day I fill my lunch and dinner plate with 1/2 vegetable, 1/4 carbs and 1/4 protein. If I’m in a period of heavier training I’ll increase the carb portions. It’s simple and easy to follow

How did you hear about Beet It Sport? 

As a dietitian in the field of athletics, I learned about Beet It Sport through attending sport and nutrition conferences. Beet root juice is a well-researched ergogenic aid, and Beet It is the most reliable one on the market.

Did you notice a benefit to using Beet It Sport? 

Absolutely. The biggest change I’ve noticed is when I drink it 2-3 hours before a morning of downhill riding. I notice my endurance improves quite a bit and I can ride longer without fatiguing as fast.

Anything additional you would like to add about Beet It Sport Shots?

I think Beet It is a well-researched product and benefits many of the athletes that I work with. Don’t forget to time your intake of the shot – consider the research on when nitrate levels peak to determine the optimal time for you to consume the product. For most athletes it’s about 2 hours before the start of exercise.