1. Would you describe yourself as an athlete?
I started running about a two years ago, I have been improving my times dramatically and
have been training under Olympic Coach/Athlete Luis Orta. I am 17 years old, and have been
running half marathons, various 5K’s, 10K’s and 10 Miles. I am aspiring to become a
professional runner in the near future. I see my sport as a test of character and a metaphor for
life’s lessons. I am a motivated, hard working, determined and a huge believer in my ability. I
also believe the word impossible is a placeholder for what has yet not been accomplished. I
hope I break barriers in the future, therefore I will work hard everyday until that goal is

2. Have you always been a runner?
I had never actually found it before. Before running I was a soccer player, and I didn’t love it,
I played it, not very well, because I didn’t love it. But the moment I crossed the finish line in
my first 5K, I had found my love and passion that would drive me forever. I truly am
passionate about running. It is very important for me and for my well being as well as a
reminder of my character.

3. Do you participate in many races?
Overall I am doing 10-15 races per year, it just depends on the distance of those races. If I’m
doing short races, 5K’s and 10K’s, I usually do more races per year, but if my race
calendar is full with Half Marathons or 10 miles races, I usually do less. It just depends.

4. What motivates you to train and compete harder?
When I was seven years old, my four year old cousin passed away due to a brain aneurysm. It
was a tough moment for our family, especially for me. This event among other things shaped
who I am today. I have a strong mentality, my four year old cousin motivates me to run
everyday, she motivates me to become better everyday, to break personal barriers, to continue
to grow. I believe, just like the worlds best marathon runner says, “with a good heart and a good
mind, anything is possible.” There are no barriers, there are no personal, or even general
limits. I know what I am capable of, and that is what motivates me to become better, because
I know how strong I am, I know how I can endure pain, which is what running is all about.
This is why running is a reminder of my character.

5. Any tips on nutrition that you try and follow?
In order to compete, you MUST consume every single nutrient that you use during running.
Especially in a competitive environment, you must be on top of your nutrition. Also, in order
to compete at the best of your ability, you must look for things that make you a better athlete,
e.g. natural supplements, which is why I turned to Beet it Sport. I stay on top of my nutrition
and vitals because if you are not top of that, there is no possibility to compete.

6. How did you hear about Beet It Sport?
As mentioned above, I have always been looking for natural ways to improve my running
capacity and overall health. Which is why I saw that the most successful running team in the
world using this product and I started researching and bought the product. I started using it
usually days leading up to competition and felt great. I broke my personal best at the half
marathon the first week I started using this. Which is why I am looking to promote and
become an ambassador.

7. Did you notice a benefit to using Beet It Sport?
Of course I did. There are those products that supposedly tell you that help you and to
become a better athlete but really don’t do anything (KT Tape). This product actually helps
because Nitrate is beneficial for running. You feel good, actually better when taking these
kinds of natural nutrients especially before competition. It works and I am very happy and
satisfied with it and will continue to use the product.

8. Anything additional you would like to add about Beet-It Sport?
There are not very many honest companies that offer you something that is actually beneficial
for you health and for your success. Beet It Sport has become a company with a great
reputation and it’s an honest company selling a true product that actually benefits your health
and gives you great preparation for competition. I am looking forward to become a promoter
of Beet it Sport products and the company itself.

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