1. How would you describe yourself as an athlete?
I’ve been an avid runner for 18 years, running at least 200 miles a month and completing over 300 races in multiple states.

2. Have you always been a runner?
No, not until I got married. I was 24 years old and started with run/walking two to three miles a day to lose weight. I lost 100lbs in nine months and have maintained my fitness now for nearly 20 years. I look forward to many more years of running!

3. Do you participate in many races?
Yes – I normally participate in two races a month.

4. What motivates you to train and compete harder?
I am extremely competitive and always train to do my best. I incorporate short fast runs, long slower runs and a good mix of tempo runs into my plan each week, with one rest/recovery day. I am currently training for the WineGlass Marathon in Corning, NY.

5. Any tips on nutrition that you try and follow?
I try to eat an 80% clean diet, being stricter in the einter months due to training and cometing less. During the summer months, I burn over 1000 calories a day, still trying to eat clean and natural – no proessed foods, eating mainly fish and eggs for my protein.

6. How did you hear about Beet It Sport?
Red Beets are my favourite veggie and so good for inflamation. So when my hubby John, owner of RoadRacer, told me about Beet It I was very curious of it for me and my fellow runners.

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