Runner: Gary Lee

I have noticed plenty of positive benefits using Beet It Sport shots. The most impact I’ve felt is my energy during workouts if I take Beet It Sport beforehand. My energy is up and that helps me hit my goal times throughout the workouts, particularly on the last few reps. I am excited to see how it helps me perform in the races to come in 2019.

Beet It Sport Ambassador Joel MaHarry

Would you describe yourself as an athlete? I like to think that everyone who competes in a sport is an athlete. To me, no matter how many goals you score or miles you run, what matters is your commitment to the team you play on and train with. For that reason, I think I am strong athlete as I am always striving to reach my next goal and help my team reach our goals.

Have you always been a runner? My parents are both big time runners so I grew up around the sport. My mom was a coach at a local high school and my family was always going to community 5ks, so I was well involved from an early age. Being the competitive younger sibling, I decided from a young age to win as many races as I could. Fast forward 10 years to high school, I qualified for the All-Colorado Cross Country team my senior year after a season of strong performances. I decided to take a break from the sport and play intramurals in college, but since graduation have found my way back to the sport again. I love the peace of mind a run gives me after a hard day, the connections I make through the sport, and competing at a high level. I’m hooked and can’t imagine taking a break from running again.

Do you participate in many races? Yes, I compete in 5-10 races per year. I’ve been focusing on road races recently; this year I’ve run PRs in the 10k, half marathon, and marathon. For 2019, I am hoping to see the same progress I was able to make this year in all three of those events. I think I will through sticking with my training plans and paying attention to any injuries that come up. I train in Colorado which has the altitude disadvantage, so I try to get down to sea level to run a couple speedy times each year and put that altitude training to good use.

What motivates you to train and compete harder? Oh gosh this is a hard one. I am a ruthless competitor and therefore winning races and beating some of my peers is a true motivator. I owe it to the people I train with and race against as they have brought my running to the next level over and over again. I also have an amazing community that encourages me so well and helps me formulate my goals. From my family to the high school kids I coach to the friends that come to my races in cities all over the world, I am very blessed to have the support that I do. Finally, I set my goals well out of reach which really drives me to chase them down. Right now my goal is to run a sub 2:19 marathon and qualify for the Olympic Trials. My drive to chase down that goal has been what has been getting me out on my morning runs recently.

Any tips on nutrition that you try and follow? I am pretty strict on what goes into my body, especially as a big race is coming up. Every day of practice matters and it’s important to have your body ready for that effort each day. My tips for those logging excessive miles while distance running: eat a lot of carbs, proteins, and greens and make sure to give your body fuel right after a run (clif bars and chocolate milk are my favorites). I don’t like to focus too much on exact ratios of carbs/proteins. My main focus is that every meal I eat is healthy. Also, take a multivitamin to make sure your iron and vitamins are at a strong level. I have seen countless runners suffer from not paying attention to an iron deficiency, and as soon as they take a supplement their running takes off. Finally, cut out alcohol and cheat meals. These are the real killers of a workout, which can throw off your training for that week and potentially flow through to how you perform at your next race. Don’t get me wrong I love to splurge, especially in the offseason, but I like to focus on my diet for at least a month leading up to a race.

How did you hear about Beet It Sport? Some of my training partners in Colorado use Beet It Sport to help their bodies perform at their highest level. The positive effects of beets in our diets is well documented, and I’ve personally found the same correlation between great results and consuming beets leading up to a race. I’ve always found it difficult to continually work them into my diet. With this product, making a smoothie is so easy. It helps that the Beet It Sport shots are pretty tasty by themselves.

Did you notice a benefit to using Beet It Sport? I have noticed plenty of positive benefits. The most impact I’ve felt is my energy during workouts if I take Beet It Sport beforehand. My energy is up and that helps me hit my goal times throughout the workouts, particularly on the last few reps. I am excited to see how it helps me perform in the races to come in 2019.

Anything additional you would like to add about Beet It Sport Shots? We all know Dwight Schrute from The Office to be a bit crazy, but he had one thing right: beets are awesome. If you haven’t tried working them into your diet yet, you need to. I have seen incredible effects and imagine you will see the same. One personal tip: I don’t love the taste of beets, so either buy the Beet-It Sport shots or work them into a smoothie with some citrus flavors. Having more energy, better endurance, and an improved immune system are just some of the positive effects. Give it a try