Blake Riley is a triathlete, runner and coach of Southeast Track Running Club

1. Would you describe yourself as an athlete?
After the years of hard work I’ve put in a can definitely describe myself as an athlete. I started running around 7 years ago and recently transitioned to triathlon. After 1 year of running I was able to put up a school record and top 10 5km time in the state of Florida for high school which was a blessing. I’m very grateful for how far I’ve come and continue to work hard as I strive to qualify for the 2024 Olympic trials for triathlon posting around 3-4 hours of training per day.

2. Have you always been a runner?
Growing up I played baseball and always loved that sport as it was a passion for my dad. I switched to running as a sophomore in high school and fell in love with it. Ever since I became a runner I have never questioned my passion for the sport.

3. Do you participate in many races?
I typically will do around 8 races per year with 4 being premiere and high quality races. I think it’s good to race and sharpen the legs without absolutely killing yourself all the time. I like to enter in 4 challenging and high quality races per year and also add a few other fun races in my calendar.

4. What motivates you to train and compete harder?
I’m really motivated by the aspect of seeing how far I can go within a sport. I’ve always been a competitive person while being very humble but I’d love to see how far I can push myself. After recently switching to triathlon I’m very eager to try and qualify for the Olympics for 2024 and setting a year goal allows me to strive for something without pushing myself too quickly over a short term goal.

5. Any tips on nutrition that you try and follow?
I always try and eat healthy, while fitting in roughly a 4:1 carb->protein ratio after a workout and feeding my body as if I’m putting high quality fuel in a car. I do know a lot about the blood and fuelling that as well, which is why I recommend Beet It Sport because it improves our nitrate levels within our bodies and allows us to improve our aerobic ability.

6. How did you hear about Beet It Sport?
I have heard about Beet It Sport because it is a company that is very popular within the endurance athlete world and I have placed a few orders and enjoyed the product! I’m very excited to continue using Beet It Sport because it helps fuel me to reach my goals.

7. Did you notice a benefit to using Beet It Sport?
I have definitely noticed a benefit using Beet It Sport, after consistently using the product your body will typically feel more prepared for workouts and races. Going the extra mile to order a high quality product like Beet It Sport will allow us to strive to work at a higher standard.

8. Anything additional you would like to add about Beet-It Sport?
I love the scientific backing of the product that allows us to understand the physical benefits of the product. I think the company has a great mission and fuelling athletes with a healthy product is something that makes this company really set itself apart from the others!

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