Anthony Costales: 2:13 Marathoner & Distance Standout

 We’re proud to welcome aboard Anthony Costales, one of
the country’s most promising distance runners, on road and trail. 

Beet It Sport Ambassador road & trail star Anthony Costales

February 2018 Ambassador Anthony Costales, already one of the fastest US men on road and trail, has his sights set on ever greater goals and faster times.

According to Anthony, “Over the years I have used  Beet It Sport Shots to boost my performance as an elite road marathon runner. What I love about Beet it is that it packs in all the performance nutrients into a small travel size shot.”

How did you get involved in running?

My PE teacher in 6th grade said, “you should run cross country,” not even asking what cross country was I said “ok”. You can say I had a passion for raw competition from the start; I hated losing to the 7th and 8th graders. 16 years later I am now a 7th & 8th grade PE teacher at Kearns Jr. high (west of Salt Lake City). Now the roles have reversed as I try to convince students to run cross-country the same way I was convinced as a kid.

Growing up, who was your all time inspirational athlete?

Jackie Robinson was the athlete I would often do my school reports on growing up. Part of his story I always found interesting was how he was an all-around athlete and baseball might not have even been his best sport. Jackie attended UCLA and started in Baseball, Track & Field, Football and Basketball.

Best running achievement so far?

Taking 4th place at the USATF Marathon championships in 2017 has been my biggest achievement. It was 4 minutes and 37 seconds faster than my previous personal record, running 2:13.12. The race was located in my hometown area of Sacramento CA. Which allowed friends and family to witness the special day.

My best achievement? Running a 2:13:12 marathon in my hometown of Sacramento. 

How do you balance training and competition life with life outside of the sport?

I am fortunate to have a wife that is 100% on board with the time commitment running and training has taken in my everyday life. Being a full-time teacher there is a lot of planning that goes into the week to make it all possible. Running with our cattle dog a couple days a week really makes my wife Katie happy, so I always try planning that each week. Doing morning 5am runs gives me some extra time at home on the weekdays, I like to do this two or three times a week if I can wake up.

Aspirations in running?

I love chasing new goals each year. There is always a faster time, higher level of competition or a new distance that can challenge you and push yourself to new limits. I also like to have one big race each year that means more to me personally than any of the other races.

I’ve just competed in the California International Marathon (USATF) Marathon Championship) and placed 4th with a time of 2:13:17. I’m a full-time teacher living and training in the mountains of Utah. With my background being mostly in roads races, I have competed in multiple USATF trail championships and always placed in the top three. I’m looking ahead to transition into trail races and my next race will be in February at the Red Hot 55k in Moab.

My upcoming Race Goals

  • Red Hot 55K
  • USATF 50K Trail or Road Championships
  • Apply for 2018 World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship
  • Speedgoat 50K
  • US Mountain Running Championships
  • USATF Marathon Championships at CIM
  • 50K Road American Record Attempt

What motivates you to train and compete harder?

Teammates and friends who have excelled in the sport have always motivated me. I have friends and alumni who started just like myself as a junior college/division II athlete. They have stayed true to the process and become top ranked runners in both the nation and the world. Watching them has motivated me to think and believe if I put in the work big performances can happen.

If you could be a professional athlete in another sport, which sport and why?

With no hesitation I would be a Major League Baseball player. I have loved the game since I was a kid. I stopped playing once I got to high school so I could run track instead, I guess it worked out in the end. Today I still love to listen to games on the radio and play catch or go to the batting cages when I get a chance. The San Francisco Giants is the only professional sports team that I am a die-hard fan of.

What motivates you to train and compete harder?

The great thing about sport and rowing specifically, is that there is no such thing as perfection. You can always improve and even if you’re beating everybody around you, you can still compete against yourself by getting stronger and going faster than a previous time. I know that I am still improving each day and haven’t yet realized my full potential. This is motivating in itself. Rowing is a tough sport. You have to be willing to endure a lot of pain and exhaustion to keep going, but I still love what I do and know that there are new limits to reach and goals to achieve.

If you could be a professional athlete in another sport, which sport and why?

This is a tough one. I have such admiration and love for so many different sports. I never really got into tennis and wish that I would have. My mother is a great tennis player so I probably have it in me, but I gravitated toward the team sports growing up. I really love the combination of precision and power, finesse and explosiveness in tennis. Just as I loved the feeling of a good kill or blocking a big hit in volleyball or nailing a three-pointer at the buzzer in basketball, I imagine I would relish the feeling of hitting a line shot for game point in tennis. As a professional athletic career, tennis probably has some of the greatest opportunities out there for women athletes. I mean, who doesn’t want to be Serena Williams!?

What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

1) Be prepared with food after your long runs and workouts. I use a double wall vacuum insulated bottle to keep my protein shakes cold hours later.

2) Don’t be afraid to eat too much when marathon training. You are burring an abnormal amount of calories and need to replace what is burned.

3) Find a way to keep yourself hydrated through the day (not just when you run). I keep an extra water bottle in my car and at work to always have something to fill up. In the summer I try to drink a whole 64oz bottle throughout the day.


How did you hear about Beet It Sport?

I first found out about “Beet It” when I was shopping at my local grocery store. It caught my eye with the different size bottles and a small 2.4oz sport shot. I thought “this looks convenient”.

Why do you use Beet It Sport?

Beet Juice has been known to benefit endurance athlete’s performance. The reason why I choose “Beet It” over other beet juice products is because of convenience. The 2.4oz shots are grate for traveling. The small shot gives you a consistent dosage before your performance and also does not need to be refrigerated.