Obstacle Course Athlete Jason Randle

I ran across Beet-It Sport in my local grocery store in the nutrition section.  I bought two just to try them out.  The results were instant and noticeable.  From that day forward I never start a race without having a Beet-It when I wake  up and again just before getting into the starting gate.  My energy levels have improved and I rarely cramp anymore. 


Beet It Sport Ambassador Jason Randle



Would you describe yourself as an athlete?
Until 2016 the answer to this question would have been a resounding “No”.  That year, I qualified for the Obstacle Course World Championships for the first time. Upon arriving, I was given my packet which included a lanyard and badge with the word “Athlete” written across the bottom. That was the moment when I realized I was not only an athlete but I could compete at a high level with some of the best racers in the sport.

Have you always been a runner??
No, I have actually never considered myself a runner.  After completing my service with the militaryin my early twenties, life took over. I had a son, bought my first house and started my first civilian job.  I got away from sports and training during that time which resulted in weight gain. In my late thirties, I knew I needed a change and took up workouts along with trail running.  Ifound the peace of mind it provided me made me a better father, husband and all around person.  Running and working out became a form of meditation. 

Do you participate in many races?
On average I compete in twenty to thirty races per year.  I use them as motivation to train harder. I am extremely goal oriented so having a set date looming in the future helps me push harder. Over the last four years, I have competed in nearly 100 races.  This includes road races, trail races, a couple of ultra’s, and lots of obstacle races.  I try and include at least three new races in my schedule every year. This helps keep things interesting and fresh.

What motivates you to train and compete harder?
I am extremely lucky to have a phenomenal support structure. My wife goes to almost all of my races. And when I have been pushed to my limits she picks me up and puts me back together.  I have some close friends I race with as well. This year I have been focusing on running multiple lap races. Running once in the morning to compete for time then again afterward to enjoy the course with friends.  I also belong to a team of over 1000 likeminded people called Steel City Spartans. This group of people never fails to provide encouragement, advice, or companionship. It includes people that excel at every aspect of racing. So when I need motivation or advice I turn to them.

Any tips on nutrition that you try and follow?
The more competitive I become the more I realize that nutrition directly relates to how I perform while training; especially on race day. When preparing for a big race, I am extremely strict on what goes into my body. I stay away from processed foods and try to provide my body with healthy, natural sources of energy.  Water is essential and I begin hydrating for a race three days prior. 

How did you hear about Beet It Sport?
When I came across Beet It Sport I was already taking a beet supplement. I was happy with the results but I felt that they could be better. I ran across Beet It Sport in my local grocery store in the nutrition section.  I bought two just to try them out.  The results were instant and noticeable.  From that day forward I never start a race without having a Beet It when I wake up and again just before getting into the starting gate. My energy levels have improved and I rarely cramp anymore. While running multiple laps I also include another shot in between. The improvement in my performance has not only been noticed by me. Whenever I am asked about what helps me perform at a high level, Beet It Sport is mentioned second, just after training.

Did you notice a benefit to using Beet It Sport?
Absolutely  I noticed the benefits right away. I began by just using it on race days.  I quickly realized that I could get more out of my training if I used it an hour or so before.  So my Beet It Sport shots have now become my 3PM snack as I prepare to head to the gym.  I feel that I get more out of my workouts since I started using Beet It Sport. None of my friends had heard about it so I started telling them. I felt like I had found a secret weapon.

Anything additional you would like to add about Beet It Sport?
I continue to alter and improve my training, nutrition, vitamins, and supplements.  I feel like I was extremely lucky to find Beet-It when I did.  I had tried two other beet products previously and while the results were good I thought they fell short.  After finding Beet It Sport I knew that I had found the product right for me.  My energy levels, endurance and overall performance took a drastic jump. I feel better mentally and I always feel as if I have energy in reserve.  With the sea of products on the market it is easy to pick the wrong one.  Most are overpriced and over hyped. Beet It is different, it is an all-natural product that is not only good for you, it works!